The Role Of Morality In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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Human morality. It is a very complex and complicated thing. No one quite knows how to define it or what it is. We all just assume it exists and that it is a thing. The common explanation of what morality is basically says that morality is the spectrum that defines whether humans are good, or bad/evil. This gives us a basic understanding of what morality is perceived as but it does not tell us whether humans are morally good, bad/evil, neutral or something else all together.
Over the years people have continually asked different variations of the same question: are humans morally good, bad/evil, neutral or something else all together. Many have tried to find one simple answer, but there is no one simple answer. Only various thoughts that lead to different opinions. However, the most plausible option is that humans are morally neutral.
Human beings are both morally good and bad. The reason humans are not morally neutral is because we are born with a basic concept of good versus bad. However, the way we are taught affect our ideas of good and bad. Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Lottery” is resourceful
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For example, the captain of a ship had to choose which option was better; do nothing and everyone dies or have a few die so that others can live. The captain chose to kill a few so that others would survive. At first this may seem horrible and like a wrong choice but in reality he made the better decision. Yes, one may argue that he did not make the right decision, but as long as his decision was justified then it means it is one of the right decisions. He chose whse what seemed to be the better thing to do. He made the same choice countries and government make everyday, the better of the many. Essentially, there is no right or wrong thing to do. Rules and things that are “set” such as, morals and ethics constantly change based on the situation that is
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