The Role Of Mothers In Prison

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The separation from the mother and the child creates room for the child to grow estranged from the mother. In many cases, the child will no longer enjoy the same things, such as foods , hobbies, etc. As the child gets older and is raised surrounded by their guardians that differ from the biological mother it can create a commonality later where the biological mother must reintroduce herself to the child. During their prison term mothers may want to write their child in hopes to reconnect with them and establish a mother and child relationship. Often times the child may be afraid to write back or not know how to respond effectively, leaving the communication skewed from growth. Although, these mothers are incarcerated they are still mothers and care for their children. It is imperative that mothers who are in prison share their feelings and emotions to their child.…show more content…
This raises much concern for children being detached from their mothers. When surfacing the agony of a mother placed in confinement, an array of adverse family, environmental and inconclusive circumstances can guide, effect and characterize children’s aptitude to cultivate the proper elasticity throughout the duration of their mothers sentence. Generally this can aid hardship, poverty, and exposure to violence, brutality, as well as child abuse. Furthermore potential drug use, depression, neurotic disorders, mania, etc., could have been in existence before the mothers arrest. Not to mention, these factors may firmly induce how children will reciprocate in school when there is a shift in the child’s traditional

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