The Role Of Motivation In Stephen King's Quitters Inc.

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Topic: Sometimes you need extra motivation to accomplish something in life (Quitter’s Inc.).

Opening Statement:
Have you ever experienced a scenario in your life where you were supposed to do something but had not found the motivation, so you just left it and did not care about it although it could potentially hurt you or someone else? One always encounters unmotivated people in life. If people are unmotivated to do something they sometimes need a push that will motivate them and get them on their feet.

Stephen King’s Quitters Inc., illustrates a man who is in need of extra motivation from another man, to simply overcome an obstacle in his life before it consumes him.

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If Morrison did not stay within his weight limit Donatti threatened to cut of his wife's “little finger”, which was the extra motivation that Morrison needed to keep himself in check. If one lets their fear of presenting get in the way of them coming up in front of the whole class, one’s teacher might end up threatening their family members, like Donatti did with Morrison. Although that would not be wise and is not always the case, if one is afraid of presenting it is best to find extra motivation from someone to get through a difficult time instead of ignoring it.

Concluding Sentence:
It is absolutely a good idea to get extra motivation to get you through some tough situations instead of disregarding these situations.

Thesis Statement:
One may not always be motivated to do something. One can not let the lack of motivation stop them from completing something, but need to find extra motivation like Morrison did in,

In Stephen King’s story Quitters Inc.

Closing Statement:
The process of writing an essay, studying for tests and doing presentations is all part of a teenagers life, and one must not let everything slide due to the lack of motivation but find extra motivation to finish these tasks. One must take things slowly and complete little tasks in life. After all, everyone wants to succeed in

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