The Role Of Music In Furious 7

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Creation of any film is not a simple task involving work of many people. A great film is not only about the setting and the plot. A great film is far more about bringing the idea of the film towards the viewer and creating respective feelings. Music in the films is used to perform several functions, like establishing the mood, supports emotions, and assists to identify what is going on in the film. Music in general can manipulate one's emotions, creates respective mood, and identify people. The use of music was essential while films were silent, but even nowadays when there is a considerable amount of sounds in the film, music still is an inevitable element making us better understand the plot of the film and get more feelings about what we see.…show more content…
How the music is used in film indicates the level of film quality and work of casting team. One of the examples of successful use of music in films is the film Furious 7 by James Wan. The film combines a considerable amount of music that emphasizes and develops the movie topic. Music in this film matches genre peculiarities of film and helps to point out the most important moments in the film. Generally speaking, music that was used in Furious 7 could be divided in terms of depicted topics and main tasks into four groups. They include music for strengthening emotions of the characters, music for committing actions, music for celebration of life and positive outcomes, and music that corresponds to the place of

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