The Role Of Native Americans In The Western Indian War

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There has been several conflicts involving the United States such as the Mexican war, western Indian war, civil war, the cold war and several other wars. The Smithsonian goes through several of these wars. After looking through several of these conflicts I found the most interesting to be western Indian war. Indians were moved to reservations against their will, the Indians did try to fight back. However they were fighting in a battle that had already been lost. Countless Indians died from the conflict, their enemy had more soldiers and weapons than them. Nonetheless the biggest issues wasn’t the soldiers or weapons it was actually the disease the Europeans brought over, and unforgiving environments. There was a quote by Lakota chief sitting bull in the exhibit that said “if the white men take my country, where can I do?’. The Indians were taken from their homes and Im sure the thought back then was, “how would they make up for what was taken from them, how would they be able to make themselves whole again?”…show more content…
Army. Their culture mixed with the racism at the time made their responsibilities quite challenging. During the wars against Indians the African American soldiers were given the name Buffalo soldiers because the texture of their hair. The Indians also notice The African American soldiers has a strong “fighting spirit” despite their challenges which also lead the Indians to give the African American soldiers that
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