The Role Of Nick In The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the book presents Nick as a narrator in the book. Nick belonged to East egg, however he was different than the other people from East Egg including Daisy, Tom, and Jordan. Nick is Daisy’s cousin. Jay Gatsby (main character of the novel) loves Daisy Buchanan (Tom’s wife). Nick likes professional golfer, Jordan. Nick becomes acquainted with Gatsby, a neighbor. Gatsby throws parties in his huge mansion just to impress Daisy and woo her back. He begins an affair with Daisy with the help of Nick. Tom is also having an affair with Myrtle Wilson, who is married to George Wilson, a mechanic. Gatsby, Nick, Daisy, Tom, and Jordan go for a ride and then to a hotel, where an argument begins which leads Tom realizing Daisy has been unfaithful with Gatsby. But Tom also argues with Gatsby, to let know other people that he was a bootlegger, and therefore he was nouvea riche. Gatsby lets Daisy drive the car and she hits Myrtle, as she was drunk. Myrtle was dead on the spot. Nick, Tom, and Jordan come upon the scene as they…show more content…
We, the reader are able to understand the entire novel. After reading the novel, we can distinguish the character’s standard or so. For instance, there is a lot of grammatical error in Myrtle’s play because she is not an Ivy League graduate, but she pretends to be like people from East Egg. His writing styles are appealing (appeals the emotions), emotional more than logical (they make decision with full of emotions which might not be a good idea esp. when Wilson killed Gatsby), intellectual (Ivy League graduates and their way to handle the situation esp. Nick played a great role using his intelligence), imagistic (The readers had to imagine the scene which was pretty awesome), and last but not the least symbolist (for instance, Dr. Eckleburg 's eyes, and Dan Cody 's yacht. However there are some sentences that are used in 1920s, which was difficult to understand the meaning
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