The Role Of Non-Verbal Communication To Interpersonal Interaction

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Critically Evaluate the Role of Non-Verbal Communication to Interpersonal Interaction

Essentials of Communication

Amy McKiernan

Principals of Nonverbal Communication
Wood, J. (2011) highlights nonverbal communication is all forms of communication besides using any words themselves. It can vary from the way we interact with people to our own unique personal image (dress code, our economic class etc.), our communication patterns or how the environment surrounding us affects us (heating, lighting).
Similar to and Different from Verbal Communication
Verbal Communication and Nonverbal Communication both have their similarities and differences.
In text Wood, J. (2011.) argues that nonverbal and verbal actions are symbolic. In other words they are both opened to having several meanings. They both have characteristics in which everyone will interpret differently. Some people may misunderstand what another person is trying to gesture or express.
Both verbal communication and nonverbal communication are limited in character by belonging to a particular culture. They both obey certain norms in their societies. For example, it is the norm for the professional workforce to dress suits and dresses/skirts in Ireland, whereas it is the norm for Muslim women to dress in a modest manner. (Wood, J., 2011).
Our nonverbal and verbal communication can be intentional or unintentional. If we are caught off guard our facial expression may change or we may begin to
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