The Role Of Odysseus In The Odyssey

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The Book called the Odyssey is centered around the hero Odysseus. The part about this story that makes it hard to talk about is the debate around whether Odysseus is a hero or not. Many Literary scholars of The Odyssey by Homer have argued that Odysseus is not a hero, closer examination shows that he clearly was a hero because he led them to victory in the Trojan War, he turned his men back into actual men, and he even went to the underworld where few to none have escaped freely. The reason this is debated a lot is because of the choices he made during the war and the journey back home. To understand why he was a hero the story must be known. Odysseus was the king of Ithaca and was sent to war. When they were failing they tricked the Romans by giving them a gift of a horse that they were hidden in as a sign of losing. During the night the men sneaked out of the horse and the city the Romans lived in was burned down Later when Odysseus wasn't able to get home because he talked down to Poseidon. He made Odysseus not able to get home by making…show more content…
Many people think he is not a hero because of his mistakes, but those are mistakes and making mistakes does not make anyone less of a hero. Odysseus is more than a hero. He is a very humane hero who makes mistakes just like anyone else, but in the end was still a hero. This is shown by Odysseus’ leadership when he won the Trojan War, when he saved his men from staying animals forever, and going to the underworld to face his fears and stay brave. Not every hero needs to be perfect. In fact no one is perfect, but that is what makes us human, and that is what Odysseus was. He was not some all mighty perfect leader with inhuman abilities, he was just some normal human who became a hero through his actions. He became known as one of the most famous heroes among men and the gods, and we can do that too with our actions just like
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