The Role Of Odysseus The Real Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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Even though everyone perceives Odysseus, main character of Homer’s Odyssey as the ideal hero, Superman is obviously the real hero. So what Odysseus went away from home for 20 years? Superman left his home 35 years ago, and can’t even return home because his is completely destroyed. Odysseus can only use his “special bow” only he can string while Superman has superhuman hearing, sight, and strength. Superman also has limitless speed, nigh-invulnerability, heat vision, flight, and freeze-breath to defeat all of his foes. Superman is a hero because of the multiple lives he has saved. Odysseus is only a hero because, according to Homer, he was loyal, compassionate, and cunning. Superman was all those except he saved multiple lives while expressing those traits. Some may say Odysseus is the ideal hero. One of the reasons those people might say that is because Odysseus has a hero’s key traits: he was loyal, compassionate, and cunning. Odysseus was loyal to his family by trying his best to get home and succeeding. Compassion was shown by Odysseus when he was patient while plotting against the Trojans. Last but not least Odysseus was cunning when he defeated the Cyclops in the cave whilst escaping. These few…show more content…
One reason Odysseus’s heroic claim is strong in the smallest bit is the fact that he went to war for his country. The only point of this that is not heroic is the fact that the coward faked insanity to avoid joining the fight. Superman has dedicated his entire life to saving innocent lives, and has never tried to get out of a fight to save humanity. An example of this was when Superman sacrificed himself to save the world from one of Lex Luthor’s creations in the movie Batman v. Superman. As Superman stabbed the monstrosity in the heart, the mutant stabbed him in his own heart, killing them both instantly. He did this for the greater good of

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