The Role Of Overdose In Ray Bradbury's Farenheit 451

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While reading the book Farenheit-451 we discovered that Bradbury seemed to have for-shadowed certain aspects of the future. During the book the reader may notice that bradbury hits at certain topics, such as overdose and the quality of life, and conformity along with being careful when speaking to someone. Which is why Farenheit-451 has a powerful message for readers in our world today. The article “OD kills 'Diff'rent Strokes' star Dana Plato” and the book both discuss the topic of overdose. An overdose is when you consume too much of a certain item like sleeping pills or painkillers. Dana Plato (a former actress) was found dead due to her overdosing on painkillers,it's not uncommon for people to die from an “ accidental overdose”. This is similar to a passage from the book Farenheit 451 when Mildred is found “uncovered and cold” with an empty bottle of sleeping pills spinning on the floor. These two events are similar because both of them mention not only the use of drugs but also how both of the women abused them. The women used these drugs to escape their unhappy life. They wanted an escape so they resorted to drugs that were meant to help them but hurt them instead . Bradbury for-shadows that our world will have certain people who are unhappy with their lives and try to end it with simple pills that are meant to help.…show more content…
Well she was right, our society has no backbone and they can't stomach the truth. The article “ P is for poison”mentions how people in our world are giving up self worth and being censored by the government. From the book previously mentioned, Beatty ( the head firefighter) gives a little speech that mentions how the government is censoring what people can do or say to not “ step on the toes” of society. The article also hits these topics. People aren’t aloud to have “forbidden thoughts” and these thought aren’t aloud to be even
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