The Role Of Pedagogy In Education

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Pedagogy or pedagogy knowledge is the discipline that deals with the theory and practice of education such as lesson plan development, classroom management, students ' assessment and instructional methods for students teaching. The pedagogy is focused on improve the learning and intelligence of the student. In school, there are two types of leaders, the teachers as leader of his class and the principal as leader of the school as whole. The successful of the school depend on effective of both leaders on providing a pedagogy atmosphere in the school. For the teachers, creating the pedagogy classroom is one of his responsibility and he must combine both the subject knowledge and pedagogy knowledge in order to be an effective teacher. In the pedagogy…show more content…
• In talking about pedagogy as a process of bringing learning to life I want to focus on some aspects. First Pedagogy as reflection which creating moments and spaces to explore lived experience. Many assignment from what I did during the previous two years in the MEL program added a lot for my pedagogical knowledge and skills that concern on evaluation, assessment, reflection and critique of the education subjects to make judgements and respond. Some of these assignments are: Curriculum evaluation (Artefact 2.4) enabled me to design, create and apply high quality assessments and, thereafter, to analyze the assessment data to promote students ' success. I develop a rubric and use a rubric for evaluating a curriculum unit. This enriched my pedological knowledge that related to the evaluation process of the education resources and improve my skills on the recognizing and judge on the quality of the instructional material and subjects for students. This assignment helped me to look for the education material on different lenses and focuses on the main factors and elements that illustrate the curriculum strength and that distinguish between the good and bad curriculum. Other assignments that improved my pedological skills on critique and reflection of education issues were Article critique (Artefact 2.5), issue reflection paper (Artefact 2.6), Diversity in school reflection (Artefact 2.7), field experiences reflection (Artefact 2.8), internship task report (Artefact 2.9),…show more content…
• The second aspect relate to Pedagogy in developing and creation new instruction and education material that help in student learning. Some assignments such as curriculum unit plan (Artefact 2.12), action research project plan (Artefact 2.13), current issue paper (Artefact 2.14), professional development plan (Artefact 2.15), policy paper (Artefact 2.16) and classroom action research final project (Artefact 2.17) provide an evidence that I involved on researching methods of best pedagogy knowledge and skills and applying them either on developing curriculum or developing teams and other teachers to developed their pedagogical skills and knowledge to improve students outcome. Through these assignments, I learned how to ensure effective planning for instruction and the use of multiple learning and pedagogical content strategies to maximize student learning and promote critical thinking. I learned about the major components of the concept based unit, the lesson plan, and clarify the differences between the topic base and the concept base units and I learned how to create and developed a perfect curriculum and lesson plan that meet the Qatar National Curriculum. I learned how to write the perfect lesson objectives at each of the Bloom 's levels and to recognize the levels in an objective, a task, or an assessment. I enable to identify and explain the instructional strategies appropriate for classrooms with different demographics. I learned how to adapt lessons to cater for

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