The Role Of Perfectionism In Pancakes

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In the story, Pancakes, perfectionism is an asset and a fault of the main character. First of all, when she has everything in order, her life seems smooth, and her desired perfection becomes a great asset. Appearing to have a system for every aspect of her life, she has strategies and procedures for her job, home, and even dating life. Late on, it acts as a fault when her system collapses and she cannot get back on track. Finally, her system at work starts to give way when nothing goes as scheduled and she bites off more than she can chew. Gradually, it also serves as a flaw when striving for perfection drives people away from her. Therefore, it causes her mother to give advice not wanted regarding perfectionism, and her boyfriend no longer wants to be around her. Above all, perfectionism both helps and harms the main character in this story.…show more content…
Society says achieving anything is adequate and to live life to the fullest. The world yearns for everyone to enjoy it no matter the cost, essentially believing everyone is pure inside and people should do whatever is preferred. Astonishingly, no one is truly pure inside, and instead of doing what the world craves and delights, people need to honor God with their actions and perform his will. Nevertheless, everyone makes mistakes, and people need to follow the example God has laid out for

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