The Role Of Perseverance In Stephen King's Life

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Do you have grit like Stephen King does? Perseverance is to push through the hard times. Passion is having a burning desire to do something. Effort is trying to do something. Stephen King is an American author of contemporary horrors, supernatural, fiction, suspense and fantasy. Stephen King used perseverance, passion and effort to overcome obstacles in his life. For starters, King had to overcome addiction. Mr. King was addicted to a lot of thing. and online source shares “King spent most of his early years writing battening drug and alcohol addiction.” Hence, using perseverance Mr. King was able to battle his addictions. Secondly, Mr. King had depression. King overcame his depression thanks to the invention his wife held for him (addiction). Therefore, using perseverance Mr. King was able to beat his depression. Thirdly, Mr. King wrote “The Running Man” in one week. When Mr. King was on vacation at night he sat and wrote an entire book (addiction). Thus, using perseverance you can do anything you what. For all these reasons you need perseverance to have grit.…show more content…
King used passion to overcome adversity. Firstly, King enjoyed spending his time writing that he even wrote an autobiography. an online source shares when King was recovering from being hit with a car, he was motivated to finish writing his autobiography. Thus, his passion for writing helped him pass the time. Secondly, King published numerous books as Richard Bachman. King did this because of the fear of the public’s disapproval of putting out so much work in so little time (biography). Therefore, this emphasizes his passion for writing. Thirdly, Mr. King wrote a lot when he started. For a good portion oh his career, king wrote novels and stories at a break neck speed (biography). Hence, he enjoyed writing so much he was able to do it very fast. For all these reasons, King uses passion to overcome
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