The Role Of Phaeacia In Homer's Odyssey

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For Ancient Greece, treating strangers with hospitality is expected. In Odysseus’s recent encounters, he was washed up on the shore of Phaeacia and was welcomed by the king and queen. Though Odysseus is a stranger upon the land of Phaeacia, kindness and aid is brought to him with the words of Alcinoüs, the King of Phaeacia, “I will fix your setting forth, and you may rest secure… until you reach your land and home or anywhere you please.” Treating travelers kindly was quite common in Ancient Greece, thus making “The Odyssey” quite relatable to its listeners. For if you are kind to your visitor, not only will your land receive a good reputation, it also aids in the advancement of trade and culture. Knowing this, the Phaeacians treated Odysseus
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