The Role Of Plagiarism In King Lear

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Before beginning I want to state that first and foremost, being a student myself, I can completely sympathize with the stress you must be feeling to complete your project on time and understand your frustration with finding a proper source. Despite this, however, I would strongly urge you to look over your certain passage on the sources of King Lear’s anger as I believe you have unintentionally plagiarized. The argument itself is sound but almost entirely identical to the original authors. Mainly, you joined the first two sentences and changed the wording of a few different pieces (“All of this results” becomes “all of this creates”, “bleak” becomes “grey”, and “complete breakdown” becomes “complete collapse”). Though as the author of your paper you might not be able to see it subjectively, the piece you wrote is extremely similar to the original, and while your revisions are a step in the write direction, they are not sufficient enough for you to not be able to call this plagiarism.…show more content…
The first and easiest solution, would be to simply put quotations around the excerpt and properly cite it. I acknowledge, however, that some types of papers should not include such a large quote/citation and you could potentially be penalized for using such a large quote. In that case, you could try paraphrasing better, taking the essentials of the argument and try completely rewriting the passage. Alternatively, you can take the ideas of the passage and state it in different areas of your essay; perhaps you could write a set of paragraphs on each of the causes of King Lear’s anger (one paragraph for examples on his old age, one for the banishment of Cordelia, one for the mistreatment of his daughters, etc.). Lastly, you could choose to cite only an important portion of the passage so that you are not disciplined for making your citation too
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