The Role Of Poverty And The Working Poor

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Poverty and the Working Poor “When the poor or newly poor are asked to define poverty, however, they talk not only about what’s in the wallet but what’s in the mind or the heart” (Shipler 10). The United States of America is a place which has an enormous population filled with foreigners and immigrants. Many enter America to get a better job, a fresh start, and to live the American Dream. In the 21st century, the gap between the rich and the poor has greatly widened even though America’s economy has skyrocketed as the years go by. Poverty has been a major issue due to various occasions but people who are in the middle and higher classes do not know the hardships these poor workers go through just so that they could have a chance to own valuables. Although America has millions of people working hard to have a roof above their heads, the status of the working poor and poverty level at this juncture seems to be a dilemma that should be taken into serious consideration which would put an end to the competition between the rich and the poor. The working poor has a major role in society but they face many problems along the way. “The Working Poor examines the "forgotten America" where "millions live in the shadow of prosperity, in the twilight between poverty and well-being." These are citizens for whom the American Dream is out of reach despite their willingness to work hard” (The Working Poor). People that are part of the so-called “working poor” struggle by working extensive
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