The Role Of Power And Rule In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Furthermore, both characters have the role of power and rule, but they focusing to use their own power in different way. While Gilgamesh stating rule that destroy his nation and his power Creon was thinking to make his nation more peaceful. Gilgamesh was more stubborn and his desire is his own interest. The way that he practices this make the nation heat him. He was risking his life to get a high place in the kingdom. He went to a fight with Humbaba (70). Also, Gilgamesh is more focusing to have the idea sex and women; for example, “Gilgamesh, who sounds the tocsin alarm bell for his amusement and takes virgins from their lovers (62). In addition, we can see that Gilgamesh is guilty in different places and selfish king “he takes what he wants
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