The Role Of Powerlessness In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In the 1930’s the stock market crashed and affected many people in America. In the novel “Of mice and men” by John Steinbeck he expresses a lot of what happened. The underdogs define powerfulness because of the setting and their place in society. A way steinbeck got his ideasfor powerlessness is the background. The first example is just the stock market crash. This is saying that the stock market it affected a lot of workers. This is important because of how it left the economy. Another example of the setting showing powerlessness is the general homeless, unemployed workers at that time. This is expressing that steinbeck creates the average person during the time period such as Crooks and creates sympathy though his background. The importance from that is the…show more content…
The first quote t show this is how crooks has his own place to sleep. This is saying that he is so powerless that he has to sleep in horse stable. This is viable to show the topic because he is unable to experience america's freedom because of the discrimination. Also the quote “They left all the weak ones here… Think I don’t know where they all went, Even Curley. I know where they all went.” (pg. 77) This is saying that she was left behind with the least popular people behind. This is important because this shows that she has no power over her husband. The back wouldn’t be a classic without steinbeck compassion for deaths in the story . For the first death as an example is the death of Lenny. This death showed compassion through how he killed him with inner peace. The death is a valuable point due to how he saved Lenny from a fate of which he had no control of. The next sincere death was Candy’s dog. The death portrayed Steinbeck’s sorrowful side by also ending the dog’s suffering. The death proved that that instead of letting him wait for his soon to be death from age, it was instead killed with
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