The Role Of Propaganda In America

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Propaganda is used in many countries to convince and remind the citizens of what they are trying to achieve to make their nation a better place for themselves and their future. Propaganda can be seen in many different contexts, such as presidential races, food advertisements, toy factories and even for people to vote for or against the law. One way propaganda has been used over the years is during wars so that the government could get their nation's attention and help them get the desired outcome. In the following passage, I will explain how propaganda is being used, not only in America, but, as well, in Germany.
In the German propaganda example, the background shows a man with his head down demonstrating that there isn't any hope left. In addition, it shows a person protesting. Lastly, the poster shows a man yelling as a demonstration of lockout. These people are symbolizing what has occurred in the past that has made Germany a place with nothing to look forward to. On the other hand,
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This problem was to make selfish Americans realize that there are people fighting a battle for us and if we are not wise with our resources, then we would not have enough to supply the troops. At this moment, soldiers in war are more important to supply with the equipment than soldiers that are not deployed in war. The message in the American propaganda is still relevant to this day because If we do not propagate resources wisely, then the whole country will suffer because we would not have anyone to protect us. This propaganda was made to show all the Americans that it will take a nation's effort to win a war. On the other hand, I feel like the propaganda that Germany used was more to persuade their people to vote for a person even though they really weren't that a positive outcome would be the result of their
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