Queens In Medieval England

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The Role of Queens Regnant and Consort in Medieval England; Foreign Policy and Diplomacy. England has witnessed many queens regnant or consort than kings. As a ruler in her own right or a king’s wife, each made a significant contribution to English history. These women could act freely of male impact, as well as sake of their own particular dynastic diversions. It rises questions such what it was to be regnant or consort queens in England, how was female involvement in diplomacy, what was the foreign policy agenda of queens regnant or the role of queens consort within matrimonial alliances, military treaties and political partnership with their kings ' consort. I am going to surveying the careers of each of the powerful queens who have left…show more content…
Parsons, J.C view in “Introduction: Family, Sex, and Power: The Rhythms of Medieval Queenship,” queenship was an essential element in the body politic of England. The queen was helping the king in certain aspects of rule, which included acting as a head of government when king is absent, issuing charters and legislation, dispensing justice at court in her own right and moderate the king’s laws with mercy through intercession. Survey of XII century queen’s life Matilda II of Scotland, Matilda III of Boulogne, and Eleanor of Aquitaine show that queens acted as regents when the king left the kingdom, witnessed royal charters, and had control of their dower lands while the king was still alive. As a Henry I`s (1100-1135) wife Matilda II`s involvement in governmental affairs, charters and chronicles and reliability upon her help him keep affairs of England and Normandy in order. Matilda III acted as regent, trying to safe the throne for his son , recruited allies and deployed troops to support her husband Stephen I (1135-1154) during the Anarchy in his rule as king. Even thought the volatile relationship of Eleanor of Aquitaine with Henry II`s (1154-1189), she was a regent queen in the first decade of her husband`s reign and she issued the charters for England and Aquitaine, sat in justice at court, and helped prepare her children to
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