The Role Of Queens Regnant And Consort In Medieval England

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The Role of Queens Regnant and Consort in Medieval England;
Foreign Policy and Diplomacy.

England has witnessed many queens regnant or consort than kings. As a ruler in her own right or a king’s wife, each made a significant contribution to English history. These women could act freely of male impact, as well as sake of their own particular dynastic diversions. It rises questions such what it was to be regnant or consort queens in England, how was female involvement in diplomacy, what was the foreign policy agenda of queens regnant or the role of queens consort within matrimonial alliances, military treaties and political partnership with their kings ' consort. I am going to surveying the careers of each of the powerful queens who have left their mark on their culture with their strong and vibrant lives and reveal in chronological order of inspirational and respected English queens’ names of the House of Plantagenet and Tudor in Medieval and Early Modern England. In this thesis, particular emphasis will be given in key themes such as gender, status, succession to the throne, the concept of the queenship, diplomacy, politic, power and authority. Some of the queens were canonized as a saint for their role in the formation of the kingdom during the period of English history and their illustrations were depicted on the stained or painted glasses of Cathedrals. I also would like to write a chapter about it in this research. The proposed project aims at creating a
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