The Role Of Racism In An Immigrant Society

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Today, America is an ignorant society, many believe that racism has ended throughout every corners of the world and this is far from the truth. American society likes to pretend, they also like to believe in the virtue of this country. We tend to think and believe that racism is a thing from the past and Racism is everywhere in the country and in this world it causes so much racial tensions from people with the a different skin color to religions to race and gives people so many to question how far we have really come from the days of ‘slavery’. These issues can actually be seen in a daily life from papers saying “police force violence against minorities” the well studied arguments on immigration and the obvious separations of urban neighborhoods in large cities. The negative behavior on people generations to generation and discrimination to others is ignorance about a person’s life.…show more content…
But when I was able to socialize with other people from different backgrounds my life kind of shifted because I learned so much things. Through the schooling I was very lucky to learn about others and their cultures on a personal level. It was because of this that I began to understand that people with different in race from me really weren’t really different. I am hoping that maybe one day acceptance and realization will come into this world maybe then these stereotypical and judgemental behavior will
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