The Role Of Racism In Colonial America

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1. Racism to me means discrimination against a group of people for something that is out of there control or because of there beliefs. The reason slavery started was blacks were used slaves for work to be done with the demand of the product they needed. English racism developed over generations and the true reason for slavery was lost. The new generations taught that blacks were less of people. That is what lead to racism to form in colonial America. 2 The French waned this area so they could connect their Canadian land to the Mississippi Valley and the British needed to gain this space to compete with the French fur trading industry. Also, the British colonists wanted to move beyond the Appalachian Mountain that chain extends from Georgia to Maine to open up more farmland .Some of the soil on the eastern seaboard had already become exhausted because of crops such as tobacco and poor farming methods. In New England, much of the soil was poor to begin with.…show more content…
The seven year war had over ten different nations fighting in the war not every nation was large. The war might have been only seven years but the war was fought all over the world. Therefore it had a impact on all of the world. The man nations fighting were France and Britain. During the seven year war 1,400,000 died. The French lost the war and that lead to the treaty of Paris. This war effect France and Britain mainly. Because of all this war did to the world it is a world
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