The Role Of Racism In Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

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The great constitutional dream book was a book that was mentioned in Invisible Man written by Ralph Ellison. The book takes place during the 1940s a time in which equal rights were not equal for the colored people. Ellison illustrates an elderly couple being evicted from their apartment in Harlem. The couple is in distraught because not only are they being evicted, but the eviction is taking place at night. The narrator in the book describes how the couple is held outside even though they have priceless possessions. Ellison would write how the white officers would harass and sometimes violently attack the narrator’s race without justification. However, during that time frame that book with that name had never been published. Ellison used the name of the book as a…show more content…
However, the treatment given to both groups was not acceptable. It is heartbreaking to say that our nation is discriminatory against other races just because they have a different skin color. It is truly shameful for bystanders to watch other people go through racial occasions. By now several of the colored ancestors would have thought that the word racism would not even exist but unfortunately it does. Recently, there have many problems revolving the black people and police officers that could relate in some way to the dream book and racism of Invisible Man. There have been many situations in which the black folks have felt oppressed by the police officers during confrontations. There have been many violent fights about this particular subject that has killed many lives. It has been hard to put a stop to racism. People should not have to go through many emotional and physical suffering just to put a stop to it. The dream book could be associated with several situations we face in today’s
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