The Role Of Racism In Southern Education

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Providing a proper and accurate education to Southern education systems would greatly improve the single-minSolving Racism in the South Throughout history, there have been numerous accounts of discrimination that have been embedded into our way of thinking. Predominantly known for being racist and conservative, the Southern states still incorporate discriminatory views in their own society. Racism is a massive problem in the United States, but there are three possible solutions; educating the public through the education system; breaking down stereotypes; reaching out through social media. dedness of its citizens. The Southern states have been guilty of falsifying their history to better suit themselves. A basic high school history textbook in Texas would prove to be very different from a textbook in New York. The differences found in Southern State…show more content…
Revising the educational material can provide a better understanding of symbols would allow a proper distinction of racist and cultural symbols. A major argument that many Southerners used in recent history was that the confederate flag was a part of their culture and not a racist symbol. In fact, if one looks into the history of the confederate flag they can learn that the flag was only recently used in the 60s; the 60s was the height of the Civil Revolution in which the flag was used by the KKK to symbolize their goal. The flag that we know today is not seen before the Civil Revolution, not even in the greatly controversial film "The Birth of a Nation" (1915) directed by D.W. Griffith. Editing the inaccuracies taught to students would to better educate
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