The Role Of Racism In The Little Rock Nine

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The Little Rock Nine was one of many racist events that took place in the United States. Elizabeth Eckford was the only one out of the nine black students who was caught on a picture experiencing racism at Little Rock’s Central High School on September 1957. Elizabeth was trying to enter a school that did not support integration. David Margolick mentions in the book Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock that, “Just as Elizabeth and Hazel represented racial reality in 1957, it could be argued, they still do in 2011: yes, the worst excesses are past, the chasm somewhat narrower. But new barriers had replaced the old: while black suspicions remain, now whites feel, in addition to their residual prejudices, maligned, belittled, aggrieved”…show more content…
Many people are still blinded by the fact of how much racism is still an ongoing issue in our school system, our work place, and anywhere else where you are social or live your life. It is very obvious that racism is a wrong and very unhealthy habit that many of us have. We practice being racist almost every day. Although we discovered racism many years ago and resolved some major issues. We as a country still suffer from it. People must realize that racism may never stop because we find different ways to keep racism alive. Many people were not brought into the world to racist or know anything about racism. We eventually learn about racism and how to be racist because we fail to be multicultural, tolerant and unprejudiced individual. Everyone brought into this world was not born to be a racist or learn how to become one. We learn this concept from many sources. For example, Textbooks, Novels, People, Television, Music, and other…show more content…
All types of negative events were performed to stop only nine black student from entering Central High School School. They used lawful authority to keep the student away from the school and also to protect them. However during the riot, two african american journalists were attacked by the mob after hearing the nine student entered the school from a back door. They also followed them around the school. One journalist was attacked brutally with a rock being hit against his head. Now if you could only imagine if this happened in the year of 2015. It would seem totally outrageous and almost impossible. When the mob was told that the students entered the school they began to break windows, fight the authority, and attempt to enter the school and cause a riot. They eventually escorted the nine african american out of the school by police.
Racism is still going on till this day. It is becoming more representative in our history. However, it is being done in a different form that effects certain group of people or race that has a certain characteristics. The new way of being racist is being prejudice. Racism has grew into a different meaning from the event that occurred on September 27, 1957 with the Little Rock Nine to finally approving same sex marriage in all 50 states of america. Prejuidce people are not focused on skin color or your ethnicity. However

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