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Religious faith is very important even in the society today since it permeates our world thereby providing an ethical and moral compass for a majority of individuals. Faith according to Christianity is necessary for believing in God. According to Muslims, faith is determined to be a body of dogma. Evidence indicates that far from individual religious practices; religious faith is practically and increasingly diversifying into the public and can have a direct impact on the social and economic part of life (Myers and Fouad 1145). Individuals of faith are increasingly transforming into becoming vital partners in the society with an aim of tackling a number of challenges affecting the globe. This is a vital role of leaders of faith and communities…show more content…
He is in his own way portrayed as the leader of religious poets. Kierkegaard from his early background believes that religious faith is what pushes a man to Christianity. The values such as sin, suffering, responsibilities and guilt are what he believes in and which he always writes about. He also believes that Christian faith is not a matter of inclining to the dogma of the churches, but an individual passion that can never be equated to human artefacts. Religious faith is the only determiner of humanity since, through faith, the true self of a person is widely identified (Williams 114). It is an individual effort and life-work that God will use to judge each person for eternity. This clearly indicates that the roles and values of religious faith are basically more important than any other value in the world. The responsibility of man according to Kierkegaard is to lead in the ways and make choices which will ultimately be the determiners of damnation. Faith is not supposed to be a one-time thing, but should always be renewed through quality means of repeated avowals. Personal faith is dictated by the various choices made either good or bad, and this presents a true self. Mankind is presented with a challenge to make the right choices since there are no mediators between God and man when it comes to

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