The Role Of Sacrifice In A Thousand Splendid Suns

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While A Thousand Splendid Suns depicts the lives of many Afghan woman through the fictitious lives of Miriam and Laila, the character Miriam embodies sacrifice when she endures, life long suffering which led to her eventual death. To some sacrifice equates the loss of something but Miriam sacrificing her safety and ultimately her life reveals that what she truly valued was providing a better life for her family. This sacrifice shows Miriam’s ability to “tahamul”,or endure the challenges life presents and grow into a courageous person. Living in a home with an abusive husband is one way Miriam unwillingly compromised her safety. Her father, Jalil, married her off to Rasheed creating an even greater rift between them. Miriam feels abandoned by her only remaining family member but after discovering she is pregnant she becomes ecstatic at the thought…show more content…
Rasheed forces Laila to put Aziza in an orphanage; this thought pains Miriam as much as it pains Laila. The orphanage is where Laila reunites with Tariq; however, this insinuates violence at home. Rasheed feel disrespected and used. The abuse gets out of hand and Rasheed nearly kills Laila. Miriam once again sacrifices her own safety for her friend Laila by interfering. Ultimately, Miriam murders Rasheed to protect Laila. Laila offered Miriam refuge but she refused knowing that someone would have to admit to the murder. Miriam admitted to the murder and was sent to prison where she would await her death. In prison Miriam held a role she never held before; the others viewed her as hero. On the day of her execution Miriam was fearful and “one last time, Miriam did as she was told.” Miriam could have easily run from her problems but she feared the consequences it would have on her family. By confessing and sacrificing her life Miriam was able to allow her new family to live a better
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