The Role Of Satans In The Odyssey

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Despite Lucifer no longer being in Heaven as well as no longer being attributed to Jehovah, he is nonetheless alluring, enlightened, and strong.
There is a battle versus him along with Jehovah in order to determine who will prevail as God. When Lucifer departed Heaven, he was given the name Satan by the Christian God, that means ‘accuser’ or ‘adversary’, in consequence of the fact that he was presently his enemy.
The distinction between Satan and Jehovah being deities is that with Satan, you are given an option. He is not concerned with numbers. Undoubtedly, he desires more devotees than Jehovah ultimately, however the difference is he does not require anybody to follow or worship him. He allows us to approach him on our own.
Though the Christian God designed us all with free will, like he did Satan, he commands us to adhere to him, and nobody else. Satan does not care whether you follow him or not. It is your decision. That is the distinction.
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The primary notion Satan desired to accomplish was teach mankind to love themselves. Anton LaVey distorted this theory in that we should love ourselves immensely so we regard ourselves as our own personal god, like Satan did in the Bible. The dilemma a midst that is Anton LaVey was an Atheist. He precepted Satan metaphorically. LaVeyan Satanists do not believe in the Dark Lord’s existence.
Theistic Satanists worship Satan as their god, and while he teaches us to veritably love ourselves, we do not view ourselves as gods. That is the dis-relation. We believe in the existence of Satan, LaVeyans do
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