The Role Of Self-Discovery In Tolkien's The Lion The Wardrobe

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What most connects me to this book, and to the characters within it, is the adventure and subsequent self-discovery that befalls a multitude of the fellowship 's members. I, at seventeen years of age, am nearing a pivotal point in my life where I must make many decisions in regards to my future. Yet still, I find that I don 't truly know myself, who I really am is a mystery to me, and I find myself longing for an adventure of my own to sort everything out. I, like Tolkien, believe that the only way to discover oneself is to get outside of your comfort zone and explore new perspectives on life. It is this mindset that brings me to apply to post-secondary schools away from home, read as much- and as often- as I can, and to hopefully one day travel the globe; all with Tolkien 's famous quote in mind; "Not all those who wander are lost."…show more content…
I find the two novels are alike in many different ways, from the dark force trying to take over each respective land to the great journeys of self-discovery prominently featured in both novels. From the Pevensie siblings to the Fellowship we see the characters grow from everyday school children and simple country folk to renown warriors, Kings and Queens, even heroes. Perhaps these similarities are due to the legendary friendship of the two authors, or perhaps it was their like-mindedness that drew them together to begin with. Regardless, between the two of them, they have created wonderful worlds and legends that will still be known centuries from now as true masterpieces of
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