The Role Of Sir Launcelot In King Arthur's Knights Of The Round Table

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In the article “Chivalry,” it states that the chief chivalric virtues were piety, honor, valor, courtesy, chastity, and loyalty (3). In the book, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, we meet a knight named Sir Launcelot. Sir Launcelot is thought to be one of the greatest knights in the world. However, Sir Launcelot may have been honorable, but he was not loyal and chaste. Sir Launcelot is one of the more honorable knights of the round table. He fought and won many battles. He has also healed grievous wounds with the touch of his hand (Green 120). Healing another knight’s wound was also the last honorable deed Sir Launcelot would do for the Realm of Logres. The last miracle healing he would perform was on the knight Sir Urry (Green 342). Sir Launcelot was the most honorable knight because he healed the wounded and always fought in a fair battle.…show more content…
Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere have been sleeping together this makes both him and the queen unloyal to King Arthur. Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere’s sin could have had them both killed for adultery. Sir Launcelot made it his very priority to protect the queen. According to Green, when Queen Guinevere was kidnapped by Melliagraunce, Sir Lauancelot was quick to go and save her (345). After Sir Launcelot defeated Sir Melliagraunce, Queen Guinevere met him in the garden and confessed her love to him (Green 350-352). It was a sin for him to go to her room later that night, both he and Queen Guinevere could have been killed at the stake for treason but that was a risk they wanted to take for the love they had
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