The Role Of Slavery In Octavia E Butler's Kindred

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What is a slave? The word slave in the dictionary is as stated; a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them. Many have heard of the term slave before, but seldom are acquainted with the brutality and horrors slaves suffered in the past and still sometimes now. The book Kindred, written by Octavia E Butler, the film Roots, Incidents in the life of a slave girl, and the diary of a slave expose just a few of the gruesome and appalling ways slaves were treated. Not only do they show the mechanical inhumanity, but the emotional expedition slaves overcame and overcome on an everyday basis.

For Dana in the novel, Kindred slavery was an uncharted part in her life. As a free black woman growing up in the 1970s married to Kevin, a white male Dana had never been faced to face with slavery until she discovers herself in the midst of everything. One moment, Dana was speaking with Kevin in the protection of their own home and the next moment she was scrambling at the battle cry of an adolescent boy drowning in a nearby river. After rescuing the boy while his mother struck Dana she turns and catches sight of a white
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Anita Ross journals throughout many years of the endeavors she faced. Anita's journey began with her describing the pain she felt about being the property of another and the dismaying thought in the back of her mind she will remain oppressed forever. As Anita's journal progresses, she becomes a fugitive slave. Finally, Anita is taken to a “free state” and her chances of being captured have decreased. Anita describes her happiness for being free after many years of being the property of another. Anita's determination in herself is what gave her the strength to rise each day and
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