The Role Of Slavery In The Northern States

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Slavery was in opposition throughout the northern states, almost everyone opposed the concept of slavery. William Henry Seward, William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and Henry David Thoreau were a few of the thousands of people that opposed the concept of one not getting paid for work and having the same rights as objects. These people had two options to show what they believed in, break the law and oppose the government completely, or give their opposition due process to go through the government and see if what they believe in is just and constitutional. If you do not believe in something should you break the law to fight for what you stand for? To oppose the government completely is giving the American government no control over an individual, almost isolating one’s self from a government that has worked for almost a hundred years is a very brave and selfless way to oppose the law. This is the way Garrison, Seward, and Douglass believed was the best way to oppose the government. “Such a compact was, in the nature of things and according to the law of God, null and void from the beginning. No body of men ever had the right to guarantee the holding of human beings in bondage. Who or what were the framers of our government, that they should dare confirm and authorise such high-handed” (Garrison n. pag.), this direct quote from Garrison gives us an example of his…show more content…
Having these unalienable rights of Life,
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