The Role Of Social Change And Higher Education

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Education needs to be a positive force in building peaceful communities in a rapidly changing world. Thus, the educational programmes and structures are being looked upon to take the responsibility of nurturing religious pluralism and spirituality in society. Education has been recognized as a major tool for social transformation. It is the principal method through which societies transmit knowledge from one generation to another, learn how to develop and accumulate knowledge, preserve certain values and transform others and introduce social and cultural change in the form of new, non-conventional ideas, values, attitudes and non-traditional ways of thinking. It is through education that people learn how to become more socially and politically conscious, and how to increase their ability to acquire and use knowledge to improve the quality of their lives. It is the most important "ideological apparatus" devised by the ruling classes to serve and preserve their vested interests and thus to maintain a status quo in the economic and political power structure. In developing countries, education has been considered as a very important instrument of social change. Compared to other institutions in society, higher education has a much bigger share as a fountainhead of change.

Social change and Higher Education

Change simply means deviations from the existing patterns. Thus social change means changes in the structure and functions of social system. Since culture cannot be

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