The Role Of Social Identity In Aztec Culture

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The Aztec identity for the self or personal identity, is elusive because most of the documents talk about the social identity which played a major role in Aztec culture; this does not mean that personal identity was not present but it was not a dominate factor as it is today. Social identity is defined as a person’s conception and expression of their own and other’s individuality. Aztec culture was rich combinations of cultures from the people that made the Aztec empire; traditions that were passed down through generations influenced the way people lived within the society.
According to Miguel Leon-Portilla in the book, “Aztec Image of Self and Society,” states that the Nahuas had a strong desire to instill in the young the principles that would make the formation of citizens that were wise and firm. Their motto was “possessors of the face and possessors of the heart” (pg. 189). Some of the principles passed to the young were the existence of the universe and the obligatory system of education. Every Nahua child was prepared to fulfill their missions within society and culture. A child was welcomed into the world with rituals and celebration but also with a soothsayer that studies the child for the astrological significance of the birth which details down to the exact day and minute from the child’s birth. When a Nahua girl reached the age of six or seven, her father will give her a speech
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79). Boys were encouraged to play with tiny bows, arrows, and shields that showed his destiny to be a great warrior to protect and strengthen society. Meanwhile, the girls were encourage to hold and play with tiny spinning and weaving, and brooms that will prepare them for life at home, where she will clean, cook, and make
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