The Role Of Social Media And Society Awareness

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The topic:
Social media and society awareness.
The problem statement:
Following is the problem statement of this research
“The purpose of this research is to identify the role of social media in creating awareness in the society.”
Background of the topic:
The role of social media is very constructive in today’s society. Social media can be defined as an interactive platform through which people to share their ideas, discuss different problem and modify the A group of applications that are based on internet that let people create and exchange their content. Furthermore, mobile and web based technologies are included in social media to create highly information according to their need. Social media has made a significant change in the way people, companies and society communicates. Moreover, the information is transferred into script, picture, audio and video files and then shared on the networking sites of social media such asFacebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, daily motion, sound cloud and many more for further discussion that creates awareness among people and communities (Singh& Dwivedi, 2013).
These networking sites importantly Facebook and Twitter and many more are the social media tools through which people are getting aware about everything in today’s globalizing world and have made a reflective impact on their personal lives by making them aware about current situations such as war and critical circumstances in different countries including
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