The Role Of Social Work In Maternal Care

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The role of social worker in maternal care Maternal care refers to safe and good quality medical services and treatment provided with link to pregnancy and delivery of the newborn child. It refers to the care given during labor, birthing and pre and post birth care. Maternal care is given by looking at the patients, entire family members of the patient and newborn child’s requirement of physical and psychological need. Around the world, a huge number of women die due to complications during pregnancy or labor. Every year, that is one woman dying every 90 seconds and millions more are left with life-changing disabilities. In a few nations, one in seven ladies dies on in pregnancy or labor. These women are not dying of the fact that the community doesn 't know how to prevent it but instead they are dying because world is neglecting to offer help. Most of these death can be avoided through the necessary medical treatment that exists in and around. Women die in pregnancy and labor for 5 basic reasons These are : unsafe abortions infections hypertensive issue extreme bleeding, infections, and medical inconveniences like cardiovascular infection, diabetes, or HIV/AIDS s The combination of general wellbeing and social work is not new. Social work started and grew up close by general wellbeing in the mid twentieth century, when social specialists cooperated with specialists to battle sexually transmitted sicknesses and different irresistible illnesses and to enhance

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