The Role Of Society In Alexie's 'Fightpatterns'

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Chanel Langley Professor Hawkins English Composition IIMarch 19, 2018 “Flight Patters”In this story “FightPatterns” it shows how people are used to stereotype each other mainly because of how society is today. The main character is William he is a husband and a father, he continues to judge this man he barley knows. The reader Alexie, show’s William as being ahard-worker but only tends to care about his work. William tends to be fearful and worried and very paranoid throughout the short story. He works all the time, always flying and on business trips and meetings. He barely has time for his wife and daughter, which he cares for a lot. He has trouble with his health, “Healways slept poorly-and wondered again if his insomnia was a physical…show more content…
Because even though she was sick and had issues, she should have at least been accepting by her family, she had no one and all she needed was family or a friend. “A Jury of Her Peers” writtenby Susan Glaspellreveals a short story, of the struggle of women in a male-dominated society. Minnie Foster Wright who is in jail, because the police think that she strangled her husband. Police looked around her house while Mrs. Hale stayed with Mrs. Wright. While police are looking around the house, the two women from the community look around the kitchen to see what clues they can find to figure out why Minnie would do this. They notice isolated existence and broken furniture and ragged clothes that she was forced to wear because of her husband. The story shows women in a male-dominated society, it shows how men accused her of just murdering her husband but not taking the time to understand why she might have did it. The police look around the home to see if they see the weapon but find nothing. It goes to show that, that’s all they cared about finding the weapon and just locking her up. Mrs. Hale described Minnie “ she was like a bird” (192) saying this before her husband died. Some of the symbols that were used in the story were, a jar of cherries a bird, a quilt, the kitchen and the type of knot that was used for the quilt. The three men are trying to find something that can keep Minnie looked up but can’t seem to find anything. Glaspell uses symbolism to…show more content…
John is the one who is weak and sick, the narrator gets to be the one who is in control and takes care of him, she pretended to be loving and kind and turns the table on him. During this time, men portrayed women as children, that they control and can do whatever they want to. Times have change but men still see women as lower than them. “Than he took me in his arms and called me a blessed little goose, and said he would go down to the cellar, if I wished I would have it whitewashed into the bargain” (Gilman 210). The phase the little goose was to show how man see women at this time. ‘A Rose for Emily” written by William Faulkner’s is typically about the main character Emily Grierson and how she relates to our society. The story begins on Emily’s funeral and how people around her and the people in the community remember her. It explains how even though and Emily and her dad’s fortunes were gone, they still remained humble.They rebuffed every man who wanted to pursue a relationship with her or merry her. The narrator in the story tells us that even when Emily’s dad died she still remained the same person. Homer Barron a contractor paving streets from her hometown arrived and she really started to love him, for who he was. However, events that happened in her life made her relationship harder with him. When Emily came back from visiting her two distant cousins, Homer returned but that was the last time the town saw him. Emily
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