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Institutional Affiliation Sociology is the study which has been existing for hundreds of years. Its roots can be traced back to the past when the first groups and societies were organized. Of course at that time there was no such notion as sociology but there was the necessity to learn about the social life, habits and the main characteristics of people’s behavior. The term sociology is of Latin and Greek origin at the same time and it is composed of two parts: socius which means “companion” and –logy (logos – knowledge) which is a Greek suffix and means “the study of” (Sociology Blog). So in other words Sociology is the science which studies the life of people in groups.
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The main aim of Sociology lies in the learning about the ways of people behavior, analyzing it and forming general laws about it. Sociology helps to understand the way people think and act. As well as the object of Sociology is the society as a whole it is very difficult to study it as all the members of society are individuals with their peculiar features and habits who contribute to the whole and who, at the end, form a united group of people with harmonious character.
Sociology is the science which deals with great number of different concepts such as society, community, culture, social groups, status, conflict, law, customs integration, social distance and a lot of others. The concept I would like to describe in my essay is values.
From my own point of view the meaning of the term values lies in the following: it’s the set of beliefs and ideas which have a positive and beneficial character and the role of which is to regulate person’s behavior according to the accepted rules and beliefs. The Oxford Dictionary defines the word values as “principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in
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The necessity of being aware and respectable of own origin is the key to respecting and being fair to other people (Jansen Kraemer 2011).
The author of the article gives the example of his own career and life and tells that he was committed to his values and four principles during all his adult life. From his university years to the time when he became a CEO of a huge company, during all the important and high posts he had, he always stayed loyal to his principles and values of the leadership. He claims that this is the fact which helped him to become a successful man and achieve his goals. Jansen Kraemer tells about the declination of values in the modern business life and the necessity of regaining trust and confidence in good treatment and loyalty.
I have chosen the concept of values as I agree with Jansen Kraemer and believe that existence of certain values and embodiment of them in ordinary and business life should be a prominent element of each relationship. Nowadays most people forget about other people being concentrated on their own lives and matters, they put their own interests higher than the interests of others and at that time they can be cruel, unfair and unethical in the behavior and relationship to people around. The generation of the XXI century has become selfish and hypocritical. The ethics was forgotten which led to the crisis in the sphere of human
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