The Role Of Suffering In Schindler's List '

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I understand that the traditional Jewish theology of suffering is that God Is punishing the Jews because the Jews have done something wrong, however, I personally do not agree. I also understand the biblical Jewish theology is that the Jews are suffering because God is seeing how strong their faith is and if they have faith in God. I extremely disagree with the modern/ recent Jewish theology but I do understand where they 're coming from, the modern/ recent Jewish theology is all about humans having free will to do as they please and God is not all-powerful and cannot help us at all and that he could not stop the Holocaust.

One of the Jewish approaches to the theology of suffering is that suffering is a punishment from god for something you have done wrong. In the film ‘Schindler 's List’ the character Amon Goeth beats his maid Helen and these are the last words he says to her while she stands silent, terrified, and helpless “Is this the face of a rat? Are these the eyes of a rat? ‘Hath not a Jew eyes…?”. (Goeth, 1999) It is impossible not to understand what she did to deserve this, she is been beaten for being a Jew and Goeth beats
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I see that god could get rid of are suffering from a blink of an eye but he doesn’t and I believe that he is giving us freedom to live and that we should trust him. I finally see what Jewish and catholic teachings on suffering is and that we are people who have freedom. Since I have learnt the Jewish and Catholic understanding of suffering, I understand why there are so much different beliefs of god. A small part of me sort of agrees with that god is not all-powerful because of what humans did to the Jews during the Holocaust. However, most of me agree with Catholic on that God is not in control of us and that we have free will and he is here to guide us in the right
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