The Role Of Suspense In Hugh B. Cave's Two Were Left

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The short story ‘Two Were Left’ by Hugh B. Cave exhibits constant suspense that keeps the reader entertained throughout the entirety of the story. Even the title of the story itself has a sense of suspense to it and raises many questions. The story instantly starts in a whirlpool of action as Noni is starving on an iceberg with only his starving dog, Nimuk, as his companion. Noni then decides to sharpen a piece of iron from his leg brace to kill and eat Nimuk to satisfy his growing hunger. However, Noni lacks the guts to take his pet’s life, and flings his makeshift knife away leaving him at the mercy of Nimuk. Cave gradually builds the story up to this moment of unbridling suspense; “The dog circled him and was creeping up from behind. Noni
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