The Role Of Teacher Burnout In School

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Some decade ago, teaching was considered among low stress professions. The teaching was considered low stress profession because of less work load and other opportunities (Fisher, 1994). However, with passage of time and emergence of new trends, the educational organizations had been changed and now teaching is considered a tough job (Winefield, 2003). Teachers are facing a highly stressful career, and they are leaving their job at an increasing pace (Ingersoll, & Smith, 2003; Hanushek, 2007). Over few last decades, research in area of Job stress and Burnout has steadily grown. The major concern with teacher burnout in schools is that a burnout experience can precipitate both mental and physiological health (Chance, 1992). The role of teacher is not a simple one, but one of nurturing and rising students’ potential, playing a very important role in helping students growth (Brouwers, 2004). Teacher help student to develop appropriate social skills that will help them throughout their life. So what if a person with so much responsibility becomes burnout? If a teacher became burnout, this will affect many people, the teacher itself, his family, his or her students and even student family (Hanif, 2011).Therefore teachers need to be physically and mentally healthy. However there seem a conflict in teachers ' capabilities and their expected role. If they continue their work it may affect their physical and psychological well being as well their competence (Smith, 1992). The

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