The Role Of Technology In Ray Bradbury's There Will Come Soft Rains

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Technology Takeover In the future, many people envision flying cars, time machines, self-lacing shoes, space travel, and robotic pizza makers. A tremendous number of humans imagine the future as a very simple, laid back life for people. These people visualize the future with technology taking over all human tasks, which means an easy life for everyone. However, Ray Bradbury thinks the future will harm us. Therefore, he wrote “There Will Come Soft Rains.” In the story, Bradbury uses diction and personification to show the dehumanizing effects on reliance of technology. Specific diction is thoguhtfully used to describe the dog. When Bradbury describes the dog, he uses diction often to show how horrific life is in the future for living organisms.…show more content…
Sometimes, when someone sighs, it can mean that the living organism is lonely and bored. “In the kitchen the breakfast stove gave a hissing sigh.” The sigh could just be the noise, but Bradbury uses detailed word to personify the stove. Bradbury uses this exact word to show the loneliness. Personifying the stove to sigh, Bradbury indicates that if we keep relying on technology like we are, then in the future, humans are to be very lonely. This personification makes the readers reevaluate the future. In 10 years, would you like to feel lonely and empty on the inside? Bradbury personified the stove to show how he foresees the future for living things.. Using this personification, he emphasizes how bad his dreams are of the future. If we keep relying on technology, we will become more lonely and feeling empty as we age. Personification is not used as much of diction, but it is just as…show more content…
Technology is already starting to take over human tasks. Instead of pushing a vacuum around, there are now robots that do it for us. Scientists and chemists are finding even more dangerous weapons that could kill a nation in a blink. If a country decides to use these weapons, then a nation could be destroyed. Technology is a good thing, we are just using it in the wrong manner. Technology will eventually take over humans, unless we’re careful. Yes, it would be nice for robots to do chores, but they could end up doing everything for the world? Humans could just sit back and watch TV all day. But, what’s the point of life then? School may not seem fun at times, but you are with your friends. If technology takes over, we won’t need to go to school because the robot could teach us. Therefore, you are not making many friends. Can you imagine a world where you have few friends? You wouldn’t have near as much fun as you are having in today’s world. Technology can be very
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