The Role Of Television In The 1960's

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Television in the 1960’s The television was and still is an important invention to society. The television is a small box that displays a moving picture with sound and all kinds of shows. “If it weren’t for Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of the television we’d still be eating frozen radio dinners”-Johnny Carson ( The television didn’t have many shows when it started but more shows started to pop up as it got older. Philo Farnsworth was the inventor of the television and it was invented in 1927. The television used to be a very rare thing for families with lots of money. The television was a family activity in the 1960’s, back then every member of the family would gather around and watch the television. The television used to be in black in white before color television was invented. Some of the thing on television included the news, political speeches, dramas, sitcoms, and cartoons. The television was a way to get news to lots of people in a very short amount of time. The television was also amazing for advertisements for companies. The companies could get out the word of what they are selling and…show more content…
First the television was made bigger in size making the screen bigger but the back got bigger as well. Then the back of the television basically disappeared and we were left with the flatscreen. As the television got older and older more and more shows and channels came along meaning there was more to watch. Now there are hundreds of channels and TV shows out there. Movies became more popular on television and there are even channels dedicated to them. We went from antenna and dish into cable nowadays cable can be found in most homes but some people like the old ways better than the new. Tv has changed a lot from when it was first created in 1927. The inventor himself was probably very proud of himself when he invented the television but he never would have expected this to
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