The Role Of The English Government During The Middle Ages

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Anna Koo
British Literature
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The Government in England during the Middle Ages Due: 2014.10.7 The Middle Ages, also called the Medieval Period, was known as the period of the drastic change of the Renaissance. During this period, the type of government in England was monarchy, where a single leader, the king, had the absolute power to govern the land. Under the king’s power, there were also lists of people who had their own duty and role in part of the government. The English government had great effect from the feudal system and had social and political classes, in which each class of people had their roles and jobs. The political system of England during the Middle Ages was well organized in structure, such as the feudal system, law and order, and the roles in each of the three courts. First, the government in England during the Middle Ages was generally based around the feudal system, which kept the country in secure and in order. It was the basis by which the upper class kept control over the lower class. The very top of the feudal system was the king who was the top leader in the land. The king could not control the entire land all alone, so he divided it up by granting lands or “fiefs” to his most important nobles: his barons, and his bishops. The barons were positioned in high class of the feudal system, and they reported directly to the king and were very powerful. In return, they pledged their loyalty and

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