A Raisin In The Sun Family Analysis

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Family can be the greatest support system a person has. However in confined space with no privacy, it’s possible to build up tension within each individual. In the book A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. She establishes a visual representation on how the lives of colored people was at the time. Specifically on a family named the Youngers that live basically in poverty, in the city of South Side Chicago. Throughout the book the lives of the Youngers have been full of struggles, and their own aspirations, however due to Walter, and his selfishness he will lead the family downhill as they begin their new lives in Clybourne Park. Due to the death of Mama’s husband Mr. Younger, and his life insurance policy. The family anxiously waiting…show more content…
Although the check belongs to the spouse which is Mama, everyone else is constructing a dream revolving around the money. Walter being the “Man of the house” believes his dream is more impactful. Being in the position to provide for his family is worth everything. In fact he’s insisting everyday for his wife Ruth, and Mama to listen, but also agree. Furthermore when the check finally arrives Mama, Ruth, and his son Travis see it first. They are in immediate shock seeing that many zeros on a check. As they are talking amongst themselves, Walter enters in great excitement. Immediately asking “Did it come? Mama’s reaction is “Can’t you give people a Christian greeting before asking about money?... Son I think you ought to talk to your wife” (70). Water quickly brushes off her thought, only focused on the money. As money is taking over him, he is quickly limiting himself from the rest of the world. Not considering the fact that his wife might possibly have an important topic to discuss. Walter just continues to proceed in asking Mama for the money for his dream a liquor store. However, Mama only shuts him down, because investing in the family is more vital than a store. As his persisting comes to an end
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