The Role Of The Feminist Movement In The 1960's

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In the 1960s the women's was restricted in nearly every sense. The women's supposed to follow one way of life. which it's to marry, to have a family and give her life to being a homemaker. The women's did not complain, but after while the household was becoming overwhelming with child care, spending hours of daily chores. The husbands did not give the wives no rights of knowing the family income or sharing the certain household. The husbands would have power over their wive's income and property. The husbands made it difficult for the wive's to leave their homes or divorce because divorce was not an option, the wive's would have to immorality sin on their husband to be divorced. The women's that lives in the 1960's who worked accordingly their jobs were teachers, nurse, and secretary. Nevertheless the women's could not attend programs like medical school, they were kept out of any ordinary occupation of their choices, but in the 1960's there was a small amount of women that were doctors, lawyers and the women's where discrimination on their salary, therefore the man's salary was much higher and was not giving the women a fair partnership. The women could not excel in their jobs because the employers thought the women would quit or become pregnant. The employers would hire extra men because they didn't have families to support.

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