The Role Of The Judiciary In South Africa

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The role of the judiciary
The judiciary of South Africa is the body of judges and magistrates who sit in the courts of South Africa. The judiciary is an independent branch of the government, subject only to the Constitution of South Africa and the laws of the country. The Judiciary interprets the law of South Africa, using as the basis of its interpretation the laws enacted by the South African Parliament as well as explanatory statements made in the legislature during the enactment. Chapter 2 of the Constitution guarantees every person the right to have a dispute or trial heard by a fair, impartial and independent court therefore the role of the judicial authority is to make sure that disputes of citizens are fairly adhered to and act as citizens protector against the possible excesses of legislative and executive organs. It plays an important role as a guardian protector of the constitution and fundamental rights of the people. People depend on the judiciary to solve the issues of public finance management in hope of bettering the system and reducing corruption by the judiciary making practical examples in a form of punishments to those who have found to be practicing the act of fraud and corruption. Its role is being a justice administrator because it is the authority that gives justice to the people whenever they may approach it , it does however also play the role of a discipliner because it awards punishment to those who after trial are found guilty of violating laws
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