The Role Of The Law Of Michael Faraday's Law

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Introduction Faraday’s law is a law that was named after a scientist called Michael Faraday. He was born in 1791 and died in 1867. He came from the poor family in Newington England. He was fully with intense concentration and intelligent. He was an errand boy for a bookbinding shop and he read every book that is science related. He was interested in the knowledge of specifically forces. Because of his early reading and experiments with the idea of force, he was able to make important discovery in electricity later in life. He was British physicist and scientist. He early contributed to electricity include the invention of motor, generator and transformer, electromagnetic induction and law of electrolysis. Figure 1 Electromagnetic induction How it plays the role in my field of study Let’s thank Michael Faraday for coming with this law of Faradays Law, Faraday the one that created the law HE discover that electric current can be found in separate conductor, like when HE move the magnet into and out of a coil wire the current is induced while the permanent magnet is in motion. Moving the conductor near a magnet that does not move, it cause a current to flow in a wire due to a changing magnetic field. This relationship, known as Faraday 's law of induction. (according to Faradays law of induction) states that the magnitude of the emf induced in a circuit is proportional to the rate of change of the magnetic flux that
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