The Role Of The Queen Mother's Roles In Ghanaian Culture

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Through Ghana turbulent history the role of the queen mother has survived into the modern era. The queen mother 's survival is because their role represents a space for women within Ghanaian society. Women 's space developed through the role, duties, and court of the queen mother. Part of the reason that queen mothers have had a lasting role in Ghanaian society is the power of gender duality represented by the chief and queen mother. In Ghana, the queen mothers have a place in social structure as part of dual gender roles in their culture. Queen mothers allow for women to have a voice and space in society through the queen mother 's symbolic role, duties, and the queen mother court. Queen mothers retained power even in the modern era through gender duality in the political system. In Akan, there are two sources of political power, the queen mother, and the chief, based on gender parallelism. Gender parallelism means a dual leadership with complementary functions, of male and female leadership, to fulfill gendered roles within the social and cultural structure. Gender duality allowed for queen mothers to fulfill an essential role in women 's welfare and empowerment and their role has allowed for the continued survival of the queen mothers. Akan has developed a dual representation of power centered on gender parallelism. The queen mother is the symbolic representation of women in the Akan social structure. Importantly, queen mother 's symbolism represents women 's role in

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