The Role Of The Witch In William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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At this point of the play, Macbeth has became the king of Scotland and is starting to feel anxious and worried about losing his power. In Act IV, scene i the setting starts off in cavern where the three witches are occupied by a cauldron. It consists of the three witches putting various things into the cauldron that usually ties in with the witch stereotype such as animal body parts. As they finish putting everything, Hecate appears to praise the witches for their actions. Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft and can be viewed as the leader of the three witches. She appeared early on in the play in Act III, scene v to explain to the witches that Macbeth will come back to the witches to ask them about his destiny. This scene help leads to setup the current scene that I am analyzing. After Hecate leaves, Macbeth shows up and asks for the witches. He wants the witches to reveal his destiny. To answer his questions the witches summon apparitions that explain to Macbeth his future and destiny.
The events of Act IV, scene i contributed to the development of the theme that the more power you receive the more you will become corrupt and evil, but there will always be a price to pay in the end. In this scene, Macbeth demanding the witches to answer his question about his fate shows that he is becoming more worried about his future. The answers that Macbeth gets further Macbeth’s worries. Additionally, this scene shows that even the witches know that Macbeth is becoming
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